Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Name Card City

So apparently Hong Kong is a place to give and receive name cards. Without one you're no one. I walked into the Hong Kong Institute of DIrectors Swiss Wine Extravaganza at 6:40, and of course, was the first one there. This was no problem as both the Swiss wine and chocolate people were most attentive. A side note: there's a reason people don't know the Swiss do wine; 'tis no Bordeaux. Regardless, the wine was a flowin, chocolate was delish, and the food was pretty good, too. The amazing part of the whole event were the endless amount of people there all for the same function. Every person there was there to get their business card out. Be it to get a new job, get new clients, or just help colleagues, they were all there business card in hand. Counting now, I got 17 cards in the two hours there. That's a new card every 7 minutes! Some of the advice I got (and always love to hear), is keep going to events like this ("it's all about the introduction") and get my linkedin updated. Apparently it's totally appropriate to stalk people via linkedin. It's professional, no? Another tidbit was to join groups and events. If you like tennis, join the HK Tennis Association. Hmmm, HK running club?? HK wine in your face group? HK roll your own sushi association?

One woman I talked to was from Spain, grew up in HK, worked in China, and is now back in HK for her MBA. Her "partner" was here for 4 months before he found a job, but he found his dream job. (PS why do people refer to their boyfriends as partner?) So there's hope yet. I also met a radio host-cum journalist who has been here 40 years and gave up his UK passport for HK citizenship at age 50. I think he did it for the look he gets at the custom agent's window. Then right at the end they did a drawing. Let me take that back, they did like 500 drawings, none of which I won. Apparently this is the thing here. Business cards and drawings. I did, however, get a $25 (~$3usd) gift card to Starbuck's for taking a tour of the facility in which the event was held. ALthough I don't think I'll need my own office space anytime soon ("maybe your friends and you can start a business." Umm no).

Tonight I have two more events! First I am attending the Spanish Foods & Wines Festival as an industry member, I called to RSVP and they invited me to come to the industry only portion. Yes, please. I love me some malbec and tempranillo, and if anyone in the Spanish wine industry wants to hire me, I'm there! It's at the horse track downtown, so it should be a really interesting set up. I can't wait! Following the wine event, Paul and I will attend the AME Gallery's opening of Salima Thakker's jewelry exhibition. I could always use new jewelry, but more importantly there will be people who can actually afford jewelry (aka hire me!) there. And there's cocktails. Keep your fingers crossed for an interview coming soon!

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