Friday, September 16, 2011

HH Success!

Last night was the most productive night of drinking I have probably ever had! I met up with Peter, a recruiter who I have been in touch with for months but had never met. He told me all of the things I haven't been doing that I need to do to get a job. Emailing and calling head hunters won't do it as there are thousands and thousands of people doing that. What I DO need to do is get CFO and hiring managers emails and start going directly to the source. Another thing which I am excited to do, is find a company I am really interested in, do my due diligence to find out what they're all about, then show up to the office one day with my CV in hand requesting to meet with the CFO. I'm heeeeeerrreeeeee!! And his best advice was to go to events. Go out. Go out to happy hour. Go out in Soho. Go out to AmCham events. Go out, go out, go out. This I think I can handle. My new business card:

Lauren McPhate
Professional Happy Hour-er
9075 3252

Then his friend came who also works in the head hunting business, so we drank some more wine and chit chatted. I miss this business talk/drinking atmosphere. I know too many teachers.....of whom I hung out with after meeting Peter. These girls are great and I love that I have girl's night back in my life!

Paul finishes work today at 1, so we're going to make banana hazelnut pancakes and hit the pool. He hasn't been yet, and it's looking to be a sunny one! Then big hotel (I think) party over here on the dark side!! I don't know what all it is, but apparently you get pizza when your order beer. I'm in.

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