Thursday, September 22, 2011


Today I decided to take a lovely run/walk tour of my hood. I'm getting sick of the same old run, didn't feel like an intense work out, so a run/walk it was. First, I stumbled upon the Wan Tai Sin temple. I had heard about this from tour books and magazines, but never knew where it was. What a gem! There were lovely fountains and statues and lots of tourists. Or perhaps they were just praying. Regardless, what quite nice. Then I stumbled upon the best Park N Shop I have ever seen. Tons of variety, cheap, and best of all they had Beast! I didn't know they sold this gem of a crap beer outside of the US! Then ran and stumbled upon a new wine shop. I had met this woman last night who told me her shop just moved to Kowloon City (Little Bangkok), and turns out that's just a 6 minute walk from my door. With the promise of wine tasting everyday, I ran in at 12 for my morning Riesling. It's this cute shop filled with gourmet wines, and who can complain about tastings everyday. I will surely be back with cash in hand. So yeah, successful morning. This whole week has been super overcast so I haven't made it to the beach. Booo, but at least I've been semi-productive.

Sunday the Yata grocery store opens in the basement. Monday we FINALLY get internet in the apartment. I won't have to leave home ever again :)

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