Thursday, September 29, 2011


So being that yesterday was a typhoon day and all, Paul and I were quite productive.  I put him to work and we folded and stickered 100 fliers announcing that I am here in the Latitude, have teaching experience, a flexible schedule, and want to tutor your kid!  When they were all ready to go I went down to the lobby and started putting them in mailboxes.  I had only gotten through floors 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 when the door lady came in saying, "No. No. No."  I politely asked why not, to which she replied, "No."  Hmmm ok.  So today I spent the morning riding the elevator (I don't want to get locked in the emergency stairwell!) going from floor to floor leaving fliers on doorsteps.  I know they can see me in the elevator.  And I know they know what I'm doing.  I'm just hoping they don't send someone right behind me to pick them all up.  Lord knows they have enough staff to do it!


Tonight Paul's friend Garrett from elementary school, gets into HK.   Garrett taught in Korea for two years and has been traveling the past year.  He's here for the weekend, Philippines (again!) for a month, then moving to Taiwan to teach.  Ohh the lives of English teachers!

Paul, Garrett, and I in Bangkok last March
Then tomorrow is National Day which means no work for Paul.  Hoorah!  We'll probably hit the beach or something, then we're going to a chocolate party!!  My friend Jackie works for a chocolate company, VERO, and organized a party at their Wan Chai restaurant.  It'll be chock full of chocolate, snacks, cocktails, and a great view of the fireworks!  Apparently this is the best fireworks show in the world.  So it should be a good night.  

Happy National Day!

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