Tuesday, September 20, 2011


I did it. I rolled my own sushi roll!! And they aren't joking when they call it sticky rice. Have you ever had that on your fingers? It's like glue!! I have pictures, but the computer with them on it is acting up (aka not charged when it should be. hmm) so you'll just have to wait.

$10 taco night is awesome. It's not too far from my house, the tacos are legit, and they bring you free nachos and salsa. I think we'll do this every Tuesday. It's funny too because the crowd of people are all young 20s. English teachers? Where do these people hide? Speaking of young 20s, I saw a young 20 something white kid in the gym today! I said hi and he said hi back and immediately walked out the door. Hey, wait, will you be my friend?? Next time.

Today I get my business cards! Yey, the networking commences! And to start my networking season off right, I think I shall head to the Spanish Chamber of Commerce (SpanCham?) for a Swill Wine Extravaganza! Wine and cheese, yes please. Then from there it's off to the races. Got to love Wednesday race day!!

I just finished my first letter to a CFO but cannot track down his email. Do you know how many Wongs there are here!? A lot. So I'm thinking I'll have to stop by his office and drop it off. That shows dedication and passion; not I'm a stalker and I'm crazy, right?

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