Friday, October 21, 2011

Another Wine Event...

Another interview!!  Woohoo!  Last night Paul and I attended a wine tasting for Platinum wines.  This is my second event with them, and equally as fun and productive!  Not only was there free flow Bordeaux wine and amazing snacks, but there were also CEOs.  Woot.  I met Mark CEO of Platinum Financial Services and he told me they're always hiring, so we're meeting on Monday to discuss positions.  It would be a sales position and the office is in Sheung Wan.  Oh, and did I mention he likes to drink wine?

Also from last night's event, Paul and I have landed an invite (or maybe a better word is heads up) for the Secret Supper Club.  Once a month the group meets in a secret location for a themed dinner.  Sign me up!

Tomorrow is Foodie magazine's chocolate making seminar.  I RSVPed for the limited space event a month ago with no word back.  I applied to be an intern and I was in.  After I confirmed I could make it, Jessica of Foodie wrote back saying we could have an informal discussion about the internship.  So I get to further sell myself and eat chocolate?  O.K!  Here's hoping that one of these will pan out!!!

I don't know bout back home, but man, it could not be any more gorgeous out.  Low 80s, sunny, and a light breeze.  HK I love you.  You know what I don't love?  Coming home from a long run/walk/Halloween shopping, dripping in sweat to find that the water has been shut off.  Until 5pm!  Latitude, I have places to be, come on now!  Good thing we have a lock room in the Club.  MEH.  

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