Wednesday, October 19, 2011


After spending a lovely Tuesday on the phone canceling cards, stalking bus companies and hotels,  and feeling like a moron, Paul and I left the dark side in search of some culture.  We head down to SoHo to the AME gallery to check out what it was all about.  Apparently Anna, the owner, left interior design a couple of years ago to open her own jewelry gallery.  It's a super cute space, and Anna hand picked each designer during her travels through the world.  She gave us a private tour, kept our wine full, and even had a cheese plate.  Twas a lovely way to finish an otherwise really crappy day!

Yesterday, well this whole week actually, was absolutely gorgeous so I met my friend Stephanie who has the week off school, and new friend Bobby to hit the beach.  Bobby replaced Katie (Stephanie's roommate) as a teacher at her school in Korea.  They met once over a year ago and now he's here visiting, and seriously considering moving here.  How could you not!?  We went to the beach!  At the end of October!  And he surfed.  Stephanie and I attempted to get a tan, but we may be past that point now.  I love Hong Kong!!

Since Paul and I are pretty tight on cash for the rest of the month, we have been forced to get creative.  There are noodles and rice in the pantry, and chicken and scallops in the freezer, so that should get us through the next week.  We also had groupons for bahn mi sandwiches so we decided to cash those in last night.  Again we went down to SoHo to this cute new deli Delicieux Bistro.  We each got a spring roll and a sandwich; prawn roll and tofu mushroom bahn mi for me, and pork roll and beef bahn mi for Paul.   They were delicious!  Fresh and crunchy bread, something that's not easy to come by in Asia.  We were quite satisfied and head to the next event of the evening; chocolate wine at Vincocao.  It's a new concept from a French wine maker to infuse chocolate into wine.  We show up in this weird apartment building to find a line in the hallway.  Hey, i RSVPed for this, I have to wait??  We wait 5 minutes and are ushered into this tiny tiny apartment to taste the white and red dessert wines.  Not bad, but somethings are better left separate.  We had a few (or 5) chocolates and bailed.  Who needs the crowd?

Today was an interesting morning.  I signed up for a seminar on IP rights in the new media at the HK Law School.  There were maybe 20 people in attendance, it started 40! minutes late, and was all super dry law jargon about China infringing on copyright law.  Yes, yes, we all download illegally.  Blah blah 2 hours later and they finally broke for coffee.  I grabbed my cookies and bailed!   This left me ample time to hit Tutor Time and have a lovely lunch outside with Paul.  Now tis 2 and I think I shall go for a run.

Ohhhhh guess what starts Monday!!!  My Chinese lessons!!  Nihao!!

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