Sunday, October 23, 2011

Apparently I Am Employable

Last Thursday I met Mark at a wine event, he invited me in for a meeting at Platinum this morning, and I went to said meeting.  Basically, I have a job if I want it!  It's sales, but it's selling real estate, insurance, and financial services.  I would start basically prospecting with a base salary, take a real estate test in December (that's when the next one is offered), then start selling local and international properties, all of which is commissioned.  Apparently the bar they set for first years is 60,000 pounds (they're all English) in commissions.  I could handle that!  I have no idea if I would be any good at this, but it sounds interesting, and the people all seem nice.  All 15 of them!  And if I'm good at it I could move to one of the other offices in Moscow, Singapore, Thailand, or China.  Not that I want to, but the option's there!  Tomorrow I'm meeting with the head of editorial at Foodie. In an idea world, I could intern at Foodie until January, take the EAA(real estate) test in December, and start with Platinum in February.  We'll see though.

Off to learn Chinese!!!  I'm nervous!

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