Monday, October 24, 2011

Chinese and Chicken Wings

Chinese lessons with Sandie rock!  Today she taught me to say father, mother, and, me, goose, horse, eight, and baby.  It's soooo different and the sounds are so difficult as an English speaker.  I felt like I was in singing class trying to imitate the way she said everything.  And I'm not a good singer.  I've been practicing on my own, but I think I may be doing more damage than good!!  But she's so sweet and patient and even translated an entire dim sum menu for me (I used it as a cheat sheet for things I'd ordered and knew I liked).  Then at the end she gave me drunken chicken wings she had made and a huge thing of homemade chili sauce!! How sweet is she!?  On one of our next sessions she'll take me to the wet market and tell me what everything is!  Asa.  

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