Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Funemployment Over Monday

And interning begins!!! 2 months.  4 interviews.  2 offers.  1 internship.

I met with Dominique the Head of Editorial for Fluid, owner of Foodie magazine, this morning over coffee.  She explained to me the internship would be unpaid, and lots of work, but I could basically shape it into whatever I want to get out of it.  Now to figure out what that is.  I'll get my own by-lines, help edit, and be able to work in publications ranging from Foodie to Loft (real estate) to local mags such as Stanley or Sai Kung.  So many options!!  And one of the best perks of the job is that I will be able to go to tastings and write about them!!  Dominique understands I'm new here and need to make some money, so we're going to work out some sort of schedule where I can leave early Tues/Thurs to go tutor, and sadly this means I'll have to hold off on the Chinese lessons.  BUT, at the end of the 3 month internship, she says if I do a good job there would be possibilities to get hired on full time!  Full time with pay= I can take Chinese again.

The tough part is that it's 9:30-7 and an hour from home.  Boo commuting, but the good part is that it's in Sheung Wan, my favorite place in the city and where we will be moving next year.  Since it's with so many different publications and with events etc. no two days will be the same.  I'm so excited to get started!!  Now I need to go shopping for fun writery clothes :)  Ohhhh and she even said she liked my writing and that I have the right tone for Foodie!! Who would have thought when I was auditing those newspapers all those years ago, that I would be writing all these years later???

Check out the Foodie Wine and Cheese party here.  You can see me snagging cheese in the background of quite a few shots.


After meeting Dominique I met Mei-Mei for lunch.  Mei-Mei and Trisch Lagana (who I babysat for 7 years for) lived together in NYC and have kids the same age.  I've probably known Mei-Mei for over 10 years, but haven't seen her in years.  I saw on FB that she's in Hong Kong this week so we met up over a fabulous lunch.  We met in Central and had French, but I honestly didn't even pay attention to the food (although it was quite delish) because it was so much fun catching up.  She is a super successful business woman, owns her own company with her husband, has 2 talented kids, and gets to travel the world.  She's even thinking of moving her company over here, and I hope she does!  She's such a lovely person!  So far it's been the perfect Tuesday.  Off to tutor 2 kids then celebrate my internship with some champagne bought months ago for just such an event. Cheers my dears!

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