Sunday, October 30, 2011

Ma Shi Chau

AKA Horse Shit Island.  This is where Paul, Liza and the rest of Liza's church group went hiking Saturday afternoon.  If you had asked me a year ago if I'd be spending my afternoon with a church group on Horse Shit Island, I would have called you crazy!  HSI is in Tai Po in the New Territories, but a different area than where Paul and I had ventured out before.  It's super easy to get to; MTR to Tai Po Market and any number of mini buses will take you to either HSI, the dam, or biking areas.

After we got off the mini bus, we walked through a tiny village and up a tiny hill through fields and fields of tomb stones!  Apparently you bury your dead, hope no one comes by for a few years, and then poof the land is yours.  After you get off the tomb island your on a smaller more rocky island.  The inner part of the island is too dense with vegetation, so we just meandered along the coast.  About 1/2 around and it got really rocky.  Big iron boulders and other purple rock made us jump around like goats.  Paul was loving it until he took a shortcut through the water and then had slippery crocs.  Wet crocs not so conducive to boulder jumping.  An old old woman pulled up on her speed boat and asked if anyone need a ride back to mainland, yes please!  We scurried aboard waved goodbye to new church going friends.  Big thanks to Liza for thinking to invite us.

Saturday night was of course Halloween night.  Well for the foreigner crowd at least.  Paul and I left out apartment at 8pm and made our way to the bus where no less than every single person we walked by stopped, stared and pointed at us.  Halloween's not so big over in San Po Kong, no it ain't.   Regardless, everyone got our costumes.  I wish I had pics, but you know, lack of camera.  Let's see if I can somehow manage to bitch about my lost camera in every post.  So far I'm 3 for 3.  Anyway, we wanted to avoid the crowds of LKF.  Apparently walking the 500m from the MTR to the bar area in LKF takes 2 hours on Halloween Saturday.  No thanks!  So Steph and Katie threw a rooftop party in Wan Chai.  It was perfect, everyone dressed up and there were new and old faces.  No, no, we're all in our 20s, but people I knew and new people to know.  A fun Saturday inevitably leads to a not so fun Sunday.  P and I made the best of it, head over to the island, took a fun trolley ride from Causeway to Central (I have decided I want to have my birthday party on a trolley!) had amazing beers at The Globe.

More on The Globe.  While at the Wine and Dine event, I started chatting it up with a French wine distributor.  The guy who gave us the Cherry Pie.  We were complaining that it's hard to find a good beer in Asia and he suggested that we try The Globe.  Was he right!  It's an English pub, newly reopened on Graham Street, so it's a beautiful large space.  The draft beer list was impressive and not the typical Carlsburg, Guinness etc.  I had the Old Speckled Hen English Ale and Paul had the Budvar lager.  Bot were mighty tasty! Then we had the local micro brew Typhoon's Summer Ale.  Although not my favorite, I commend their effort as they are the only micro brew in Hong Kong!  Paul and I will certainly make a trip to the brewery in Lan Tau when we have a chance.

Post beers (a little hair of the dog never hurt anyone) we ferried over to TST to go to the Sky 100 in the ICC.  The ICC is the 4th largest commercial building in the world.  We had ticket for buy 1 get 1 from the Kowloon Wine and Dine festival.  Buy 1 get 1 is a great deal, but not when the coupon is only valid for 3 days.  Cheap bastards.  Anyway, we made it into the 3 day window and head to the 100th floor to the observation deck. It was pretty cool to see out through the haze and darkness, but it was no Taipei 101, or even Seoul Tower for that matter.  They could have put in some more activities on top.  But, meh, check it off the list.

Tis Monday, Halloween, and the supposed first day of my internship.  Screw it, I'm going to the beach. Happy Halloween Kiddies!!

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