Saturday, October 22, 2011

I Smell Like Chocolate

Holy mother of God, today was the mecca of all classes.  It was literally in the factory where they produce Agnes B. chocolates and we were put to work, hairnets and smock included.  The head Chocolatier, Rocky, would give us a little tutorial of how to make the chocolate ganache (which was already made for us) then showed up how to 1. make truffles 2. make heart mold chocolates and 3. make macadamia chocolate bars.  For the truffles you put the ganache into a piping bag and squeeze out what can only be described as little turds.  We had a good time laughing at them.  The refridge and we came back to them at the end when you redip in ganache and roll in cocoa powder. Then we put the ganache into heart molds and slice across the top to make them flat.  Refridge then pop em out.  And finally mix macadamia nuts in ganache and mold into a square mold.  For whatever reason throughout this whole thing (I like to think because I applied to be an intern) I got double what everyone else did.  2 trays of chocolate molds.  2 piping bags of ganache.  And 2 macadamia bars.  And guess what, you take what you make!  I have so much choc in the fridge now, for which Paul will be grateful.

While creating, a couple of the girls from Foodie came up to me.  I explained that I loved food and I'm getting into writing and they invited me into the office on Tuesday to meet with the head of editorial. Yey!!!  I even met a girl in the class who just got a job with Citibank.  She took my card and said she would be in touch if new internal job postings come up.  And after class I got a phone call about a part time position at a school teaching English, for whom I will interview on Wednesday.  Monday Finance.  Tuesday Journalism. Wednesday Teaching.  Busy Busy week ahead.  Good thing I have all this chocolate to keep me going.

Now it's off to free drinks at Tasmania for some group I know nothing about.  Cheers!

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