Monday, October 31, 2011

I'm Baaack

Although internship is still off, I will be able to do a few things over at Foodie, yey!  First off, Paul and I are going to Le Souk tomorrow night so we can try the food and I can write a review. It's a new place in Soho, and by the pictures on openrice, it looks to be delicious!  Who doesn't like a good tagine?  Before dinner I'm meeting the new editor and we're going to discuss some things I can help out with.  One of which is Street Talk where I ask random people on the street a question.  The other is where I will profile a lesser-known neighborhood.  More details tomorrow :)

Last night I attended Tutor Time's Halloween party.  I got to meet a few of Mr. Paul's student's parents, one of which works for a large Chinese insurance company and wants to pass my resume around.  Although the best part of the evening was when all of the teachers, Paul being the only man, did a choreographed dance to Thriller.  Angry Bird, Witch, Cleopatra, Dora and Diego (best Kindy costumes ever!) all pranced around on stage while 100 or so parents looked on.  I wish I had it on film.

For now it's off for a run. I was lazy yesterday and laid on the beach instead of running.  I did, however, go for an hour + walk in Clearwater, which was much much too cold to swim in.  How did the water temp change so much in just a few weeks?  Beach days may be coming to an end soon.  The horror!

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