Thursday, October 20, 2011


Stacy and I were having a little contest the other day about who had weirder neighbors.  I don't remember all of our stories, but the winner was, doo da doo, dogs in prams!  People here for whatever reason, love to push their dogs around in baby strollers!  Not just little dogs.  I've seen poodles, chow chows, little fluffy things, really there's no discrimination on breed.  I have two theories.  1.  Sometimes when you see dogs actually walking, like on a leash how you're supposed to walk your dog in public, they have muzzles over their mouths.  I don't know if because they definitely bite, or because people just want to be careful.  So perhaps the pram is about not muzzling the dog.  Or 2. people don't want to get their apartments dirty.  No one here wears shoes inside; that's what your slippers are for.  I can kind of understand this one because it's so amazing to me how dirty/dusty our apartment gets.  We're barely here and I sweep every single day.  Where does it come from?  But yeah, there you have it, Hong Kongers lover their dogs in a stroller.  I'll have to sneak a picture.  Oh right my camera was stolen with my wallet.  Mrrr. 

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