Monday, October 17, 2011

Lost But Not Found

I've lost a lot of things in my day. Cell phones, ipods, cameras, ID cards, limitless clothing, hamsters, but never ever in my 27 years have I lost a wallet.  Until last night.

I had a large breakfast/lunch of leftover duck, noodles, and tofu from dinner the night before and was quite full all day, so after tutoring I just head straight out for the evening neglecting to eat dinner.  Event 1= Spanish wine tasting.  I have no idea where the invite to this event came from, but hey, Spanish wine is my favorite.  I walked in right at 6 and it's a huge ballroom full of wine!  Heaven!  I just walked from table to table trying all of the different riojas and tempranillos.  The vendors were there from Spain (duh) looking for importers here in Hong Kong.  They could tell from a mile away that I'm no importer, but they'd fill my wine, tell me a bit about it, and then I would go on my way.  Well no dinner + 14% red wines = Lauren a tad tipsy.  Ok, a lot tipsy.  I had the foresight to determine I was too drunk for the AmCham event I had planned on attending, so head home at the late hour of 8pm.  This is where the evening gets funny.  Apparently I talked with Paul at 8:30 and was looking for the bus, but didn't get home until 10.  It shouldn't take 1 1/2 hours to get home from TST.  I didn't have a water or Coke, or anything, so I don't think I hit the 711.  My bus pass is in a separate wallet.  My Latitude card and keys are in a separate wallet.  They're still in my purse.  Wallet is no where to be seen.  Where could it go!?   I don't think it fell out because nothing else is missing.  WTF!!  My best guess is that I fell asleep on the bus and someone ganked it.   The most annoying part of the whole thing is that I just put a crisp $1,000 bill in it.  Now Paul and I have $2,000 to live the next two weeks on and Halloween costumes* to finish!

Lessons learned: eat before red wine.  Pace yourself with red wine.  Don't bring out cash in excess of $100 when drinking.  FML.

*We're going as Angry Birds for Halloween.  I'm the green pig and he's the red bird.  Neither of us have ever played or seen this game but it seems to be quite popular these days. What will you be.

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