Monday, October 17, 2011


I've spent more time in Hong Kong lost and wandering than doing anything else.  I can look and know exactly where something is on a map, yet once I get there find myself wandering in circles.  I got lost meeting Charlie for coffee.  I was in one mall and needed to be in another so the info desk lady told me to go straight.  That's all well and good until there's a fork.  Now which way is straight!?  I seek out another info desk, "straight."  I think I stopped at 5 different desks before I finally got to the right mall.

I got lost going to the wine event last night.  I'm in a mall and I need to be in the hotel.  There are arrows all over ---> Hotel Tower.  I follow and follow, and poof the signs stop.  Hmm I'm still in the middle of a mall.  I find an elevator, head to the 18th floor, and nope, not the Hotel Tower.  Try a new escalator to different elevators and finally found the grand ball room.

I got lost on a run today.  I thought I was at one park when I was most definitely at a different one.  I thought I would pull a short cut and go through the middle of it.  That was all well and good until the path stops and all of the sudden I'm in the middle of the woods.  There's a clearing.  It's filled with tables and old men sitting around (in the middle of the woods!) playing games.  At the very top of the mountain there is a fence with a small door.  Inside the fence is what appears to be a fitness/rehabilitation facility where old men are working out.  Where am I!?  I promptly turn around and book it down the hill, following path after path, hitting dead end after dead end, until finally, 20 minutes later I'm back where I started.

I don't know if it's because I'm new here, or things just really are that confusing, but I hope I get a hang of this because I won't have all this free time forever!  I'm applying to be an intern for Foodie magazine.  It's 3 months starting in November and it seems like there's some travel involved.  Yes, please!  I met with Sandie (Pittsburgh dude downstairs' wife) and she says she'll teach me Mandarin for $800 a week (I make $750/week for my 3 classes).  It would be 3 classes, MWF, for an hour and she thinks with this I can learn to speak and write in a year.  She also wants to take me to the wet market and teach me how to cook Chinese food.  Yes, please.  Looks like my schedule is filling up!

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