Friday, November 25, 2011


After Thursday evening's festivities Paul and I were pretty exhausted so we had a quiet Friday night in.  Unfortunately we didn't have any face masks, but we did have good ole bootleg movies.  We watched 50/50, you know the new cancer movie.  Because nothing says date night like cancer.  The movie is absolutely wonderful, and both Paul and I can't figure out why.  A guy my age gets cancer.  His girlfriend sucks.  His mom is kind of nutty. His dad has Alzheimer's.  Nothing about this screams enjoyment yet somehow it's awesome.  I suppose you almost feel like its your friend with cancer.    I sat on the couch sobbing for half of the movie, "it's just so sad."  So yeah, if you haven't had a good cry for a while, check it out.

Now tis another grey Saturday.  Went for my morning run, hit Yata where they have a super deal running!  Buy 1 get 1 kimchi!  Asa!  Now I'm heading over to Diamond Hill to check out H&M.  I am going through a serious lack of clothing options, and that's the closest decent store.  Then Paul and I are going to get custom shirts made, because it's Hong Kong and that's what you do, then heading down to Stanley for the Music and Food Festival to hang out with Richard Blaise.  That's right, THAT Richard Blaise. <3 Top Chef.  

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  1. Um, totally saw this in the theatre and had to muffle my sobs. Especially the part when he finds the book in the bathroom. Yeah, you know what I'm talking about. Haha. I saw Ryan A biking to work today and thought about all you guys! So happy to hear everything is going wel and I hope I get to see you next month. xo -A