Monday, November 21, 2011

New Possibilities

After my post-Thanksgiving 5 miler this morning (pretty good for a Monday), I head down to Wan Chai to meet with Jane from Adelaide Cellar Door to discuss me, her company, and our potential together.  I met Jane at the Tina Barrat going away party very very briefly, but got her card and learned she owns a wine and yachting company.  I like wine.  I like boats.  Match made in heaven, no?  Her company just hired a new employee, who incidentally started today, so they aren't exactly hiring/in need of help at the current.  But she recommended that I look into some wine education classes and said she'll keep me on file in case they need any help with upcoming events.  She also said that after Lunar New Year (end of Jan) we could get together again to talk about a sales type position.  I could learn about wine and get a commission off whatever I'm selling.  It's not ideal, but it could be a potential break into the industry.  Or so I thought until....

...I went to the Conrad Christmas Fair after meeting Jane.  I went to poke around and see if I could find any gifts, but turns out I may have landed myself an internship type job.  The fair was cool.  It had vendors from chocolate to chocolate wine, clothes and jewelry, handbags, children's toys/gifts, lotions, but also a couple gourmet food/wine shops.  I started chatting with an Irish fellow about the company he works for, House of Fine Wines.  Then I inquired if they were hiring.  He told me he didn't think they could afford American labor, to which I informed him I work cheap!  The company is very small with only 5 or 6 employees, but they're growing really fast and have a lot to do.  He himself, Gregoir, had lots of projects, just no time to implement them all.  Ohh me me me!  I'm going over next Wednesday for their weekly wine tasting (can't make this Wednesday as I have a seminar about investing in wines) and he's going to show me their office/warehouse, talk to me a little more about what all I could do to help, and then see if I'm interested in working with them.  He said they would compensate me a bit, but honestly, I'm more interested in the experience and wine knowledge.  Although a little shopping wouldn't hurt.  

So yeah, Christmas shopping = good networking.  It's always in the strangest places and never at the actual networking events.  Interesting.  Now tis time to cook up some green curry with fish and scallops.  Asa little Monday!!

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