Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Happy 100!

This is already my 100th post with CWKD!  Woohoo.  Sorry for no post yesterday, somehow I was so busy I didn't have time.  Do you ever look back and try to figure out where exactly the time went?  Yesterday was like that.  Flew by!

Today has been flying by as well.  I went out for a quick run and ended up running 11k!  And it felt goooood.  I have this new app for running and I tried it out yesterday and every freakin 5 minutes a woman would come over my music informing me, "5 minutes, you have run xx kilometers, an average of blah blah kilometers per hour" in a really creepy annoying robot voice.  When you're out running for 40 minutes, you really don't want to hear 8 freakin reminders.   I finally figured out how to turn chica off, and today I totally loved the app!!  It GPS tracks distance, speed, and breaks out your splits.  Pretty cool stuff. I think my run was super long today because I took a different route.  I have been doing the same one for months now and it's getting stale.  Today I went out of the Latitude the OTHER way, under a highway, through the old airport, through mucho construction, and then ended up in Kowloon Bay.  Kowloon Bay is amazing for running!!  Big open sidewalks and best of all, no people!  I had my free reign over the sidewalks!  Not many cars around either, so you can jump through intersections fairly easily.  I believe if you look on my facebook you can even check out the run.  Technology is so cool!  Speaking of, I've been chatting with Siri.  She's good if you want to send a message or something, but as far as Hong Kong is concerned, she knows shit.  Clearly programed for America.  Hmm.  I guess I have to search for things the old fashioned way; Google.

Tonight I may or may not have tutoring.  It depends if Lim Lim goes down for her nap at 2.  haha okkk.  Then tonight I am attending a seminar on investing in wines.  I'm going because I like the company and want them to hire me, but I'm pretty sure they want me there so I give them money and invest in their wines.  Same same.  Should be interesting nonetheless.

Random things I am obsessed with at the moment:

iPhone 4s (duh!)- specifically running app, whatsapp, foursquare
yobu (korean sweet tofu wrappers) I bought from Yata and stuff with rice.  yummm
panetonne from the Christmas fair.  It is currently hidden high up in a shelf so I don't eat it all in 2 days.
box sake and my Yata sake man.  I see him at least once a day (not for sake, just because I go to Yata everyday)
Bloomberg TV
black sesame flavored soy milk.  this is a part of my half assed attempt to get off animal products.
the thought of having a career in wine.

Ok off to the library to prepare for tutoring.

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