Thursday, November 24, 2011

First (of many) Thanksgiving in Hong Kong

The table 

All da food!
Kenny carving his first turkey
Like the Englishmen (I was corrected that it wasn't Europeans, it was the English!!) before us, Paul and I boated from our comfortable pad over in the dark side to the unknown.  Well not really, we were over at Nina and Kenny's just last week.  Regardless, we spent an awesome Thanksgiving night with our great new friends.  This was Nina's first time hosting Thanksgiving, and her turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, and brussels sprouts all came out flawlessly.  This was Andrew, Paul, Nina, Kenny and I's first Thanksgiving in Hong Kong.  This was also Helen and David's first Thanksgiving (they're Australian) ever.  Lots of firsts.  We had such a good time sipping wine, munching on cheese, chatting, and periodically checking in with Nina and Kenny's families back in the US.  Why don't we do Thanksgiving more often?

David, Andrew, and Paul cheers-ing with champagne from Nina's sister!

I love our new friends and feel such a connection with Hong Kong.  The lifestyle Paul and I have here is just totally different from Korea.  It's more like being back home.  Korea was a love hate relationship. You love to hate it, but Hong Kong is all love.  Love the shopping.  Love the beaches.  Love the wine.  Love the weather.  Love the hiking.  Love the food.  Love the people.  Nights like last night just reaffirm we made the right decision moving here....even though I can't find a job :)

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