Friday, November 18, 2011

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Thursday night and we met Kenny, Cathy and Nina at the American Chamber of Commerce for some art and wine...and whiskey!  There was a woman showcasing six different Japanese artists, all of which were really beautiful.  I'm not quite at the point in my life where I'm buying art yet, but it was still interesting to see. Would have been really great networking as there were a bunch of 60+ year old men, but this was more about fun and friends.  Next time.  We followed the art show with an internet marketing happy hour.   I met a bunch of these people at an early morning presentation about a month ago so I figured why not check out their marketing happy hour.  It was certainly a niche crowd.  Internet affiliates looking for more affiliates.  I was hoping someone would want to monetize my blog (this could be a career, no?  with all 3 of you who read it....) but it wasn't quite that kind of event.  I did run into this guy Art and he's been networking for me ever since.  Asa!  Already scored 2 introductions from him.

Yesterday evening was occupied with lawyers.  I had met this girl Geneva at that super lame FC networking event and we have been trying to find an event/time when we could go network together.  She just got here from England and is looking for a lawyer job, but we're both in it alone so we figured let's hit some happy hours together.  I actually ran into another guy from the same lame FC event there, he's in grad school for his MBA.  It's funny how our little circuit runs.  Paul came and met us and guess who won one of the 3 lucky draws?!  Paul!   Yey, he is now the proud new owner of china from China.  Lucky draws are all the rage here.  If someone doesn't win something at the end of the night, what's it all really about then anyway!?  Genever actually won the grand prize; a bottle of Veuve Clicquot!  And she doesn't even drink!  Not fair,  I never win.  

But today I am a winner.  For breakfast I made irish cream.  Not to drink, to bring to the party!!  All day Thanksgiving at Brad's in Stanley!!  30 people, 2 turkeys, and I'm sure a ton of booze.  This is going to get saucy! 

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