Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Keep Your Fingers Crossed

So for some reason I have found myself in a warehouse no less than 3 times in Hong Kong.  That's once a  month.  Weird, no?  After tutoring on Wednesday I head over to Kwun Tong to meet the guys from House of Fine Wines for a wine a warehouse.  I had met Gregoir a couple weeks ago at the Conrad Christmas shopping fair, and I expressed interest in getting into the wine industry.  He invited me to the wine tasting so I could get a better feel for the company and what all goes into their small operation.  The wine tasting was very nicely done, but needed a woman/someone more organized  touch.  They had this young guy putting out crackers and he clearly wasn't feeling it.  I could be a proper host!! ME ME ME.  Anyway, there were seven of us, all ladies, and we sat around a large table while JC (who I incidentally met and have a FB picture with months ago at a Spanish wine fair) described the bouquet and flavor profiles.  We started with a sparking white from Spain, then a Sauvignon from Bordeaux, and finished with an organic rose from Spain.  Then we switched to the reds, one from Russia (I was the only one of the group who didn't find it offensive), a French something, an Italian Borolo, and as we were polishing off the leftovers they broke out an Australian Shiraz.  Asa.  Considering the amount of wine drank, I wasn't drunk at all.  I think it has something to do with the 8 lb of foie gras and truffle crackers I ate.  I even bought a tin of duck liver to bring home.  YUMMM.  Aside from the awesome wine and snacks, I got a chance to chat with the two women next to me.  When they found out I'm unemployed and live in San Po Kong, they got very excited and we made plans for Thai lunch next week!  Then I got to talk with Gregoir.  Apparently right after I met him at the fair, another young girl approached them about working for them too!  What is that about?  She went to their tasting last week, and apparently I've got more skills!!!  Yeah, what!?  He said something along the lines of he did his research on me and I've been around.  Not sure what that means, but I'm guessing in the wine biz that's a good thing!  He didn't want to chat last night in front of everyone, so I'm supposed to head down to TST to meet with him and Sean (owner) today.  Although I haven't heard from them

Can you believe it's December!??  Crazy.  The weather has finally taken a dip here.  I don't think we're going to break 70. The horror!  So now I'm just waiting to find out when I have to head to TST, then it's off to a jewelry gallery and Buffalo Club (I have no idea) happy hour.  Ohh and I talked with a recruiter yesterday (who was super sweet) and he told me definitely no one will be hiring until the new year, so don't even bother sending out your resume.  ha awesome.  Fingers crossed for wine!

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