Monday, November 14, 2011

Not Again

Hanging meat restaurant in Kowloon City
Does anyone remember the epic turkey fail of 2010?  I certainly do.  I'm sure Dave does too.  Really, I'm still very sorry.  But, no mas failures.  Sunday night Paul and I got take-out on the way home from the island.  Post watching Forks Over Knives we've made a very small (very small) attempt at eating less meat and animal products in general.  Ignore the previous post where I ate salmon, eggs and cheese for breakfast.  I suppose this lack of meat made us crave it even more, so what do we do?  Hit one of those hanging animal in the window places for some meat rice.  Feeling adventurous, and perhaps a bit tipsy, we went for the frog meat rice.  Well get home and this is surely like no frog I have ever seen.  First off, the chunks were huge.  There's no way a frog could be this big.  On top of that there's a drumstick.  I don't know what kind of funky frog this is, but we're a bit skeptical.  Try it and it's waaaay too salty.  I mean you can't eat it unless it's covered in a huge spoonful of rice.  We do our best but there's still a lot left.  Wastefulness and I don't sit well together, so I saved the bones and am in the process of homemade soup parte dos.  I promise not to leave the apartment during this project.  I promise to check the pot every few minutes.  I promise not to smoke out my neighbors.  An hour and a half in, and we're still good :)

St. Paul Ruins, Macau
Anyway, yesterday was visa run day to Macau.  Woohoo casino city!  Actually not so much.  It's really just a huge pain to get over to TST, book a ferry, wait through customs, sit on the ferry for an hour +, bus to a casino. Blah Blah Blah.  I did some good sightseeing though.  I saw the ruins of St. Paul which were pretty cool, ate my Portuguese eggy tart (so good), and hit the Wynn for some gambling.  I sat for probably an hour, had two champagnes, got a free umbrella, and only lost $20 ($2.50usd) on slots.  I'm not confident enough in my gambling skills to sit at a table by myself :(  It was a nice little outing, but would have been a lot more fun if I had someone to share it with.  No visa runs til April though!

Today the sun is shining and I am motivated.  Something about rainy days makes me so unproductive.  But not today.  Today I have caught up on emails, blogs, soup, laundry, and now I'm waiting for the soup/laundry to finish so I can run and hit the grocery store.  This week are a lot of events, but not a whole lot going on during the day so I'm going to try to cook as much as possible.  I'm thinking homemade pizza may be in order.  Perhaps an Indian curry.  And definitely some Thai in there somewhere.  

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