Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Paul's First Post

After much deliberation and insistence I’ve decided to keep in line with this blog’s catchphrase (this is the life we lead) and make my first semblance of a contribution with a recap of yesterday.

Yesterday I managed to snag two new tutoring gigs, pushing my working time to the most hours per week I’ve had in my 26 years.  Seeing as Thanksgiving goes unnoticed here I was asked to start tomorrow but I couldn’t pass up a labor-free celebration in Central.  After work I headed to the neighborhood Yata to help with dinner.  I settled on some oysters with lemon and couldn’t pass up the chance for warm sake.  Sake Man was keen to report that he sees my girlfriend “very regular” and happily gave me a well-deserved discount.   I waited for Lauren to arrive and we each enjoyed oysters along with leftover bowls of spicy scallops & eggplant on noodles (me) and mixed-veg tofu with sriracha (L).  After dinner we headed to the lobby downstairs to sip a glass of sake and people watch before heading back to Yata.  Despite the pristine weather and scenery we were the only one’s taking advantage of the latitude’s outdoor couches.  We ended the evening middle school-style watching an Elizabethan romantic comedy I won’t mention.

With Lauren indisposed my dinner options are much less glamorous than the previous night.  I’ve settled on defrosted chicken hotdogs with mustard/ketchup and garlic clove condiments.  With pizza’s recent status upgrade to vegetable I suppose tonight’s dinner will be one soda short of a healthy lunch in two year’s time.  Can’t wait for Thanksgiving.  Hasta luego!

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  1. Alluded to movie = Shakespeare in Love and it was awesome